Green Raspberry

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A bittersweet nutty taste, with a faint raspberry, linger. It's a perfect tea blend for any type of day, whether it is served hot or iced. 


Jasmine Green Tea
Raspberry Leaf


Comes in a resealable Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper filled with your ounce of choice.

Rectangular, chlorine-free eco-friendly, heat-sealed, thin paper bag 

How To Steep Hot or Iced:

Place 1 Tsp or desired amount of loose leaf tea in a tea infuser and place in a cup
If Bagged, place one bag into a cup 
Boil 8 oz. of water
Pour water over infuser in the cup or into a cup with the bag
Steep for 3-5 mins, or to desired strength
(Optional) Add sweetener to desired taste, honey, stevia, agave
Drink/Serve ( hot or over ice)