You sensual Intentions

Hey There 

My name is Krystle, and I am the founder of Healing Intentions

I was inspired to create Healing Intentions because I am a huge health nut, and I a must constantly searching for alternative healthy ways to heal myself and others when discrepancies occur. I have always followed health trends from as long as I can remember. 

Friends and family members have always found me with a cup of herbal tea in my hand. It wasn't until I began to make my own herbal tea blends when  I  founded Herbal Intentions to share recipes I have created or learned from other herbal enthusiasts while on my life-learning tea journey. 

Why Are You Qualified?

I have taken a Master Herbalist Certificate, where I can continue to study and share information about organic, and natural herbs you can drink, smell or bathe in, that benefits your body from the inside out no matter if you are male or female. 

All products for Healing Intentions are 100% pure and eco-friendly.

Teas are curated to introduce more people to a holistic lifestyle whether they are consumed, made to be thrown in a bathtub, or hung on a shower-head.

Candles are made to bring pleasure to our fives senses, made from safe, non-toxic waxes and wicks, scented with 100 % pure essential oils.

Lip Balms and Tints are made to keep our lips moisturized or beautified while drinking tea, and are made from natural ingredients.

There is a product for everyone, intentionally made for a more holistic lifestyle.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Product.