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Goddess Green Tea Milk Bath

Healing Intentions

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Goddess Green Tea Milk Bath - Healing Intentions
Goddess Green Tea Milk Bath - Healing Intentions

After a long day, it is best to unwind in a warm bath. So why not give your body the extra care and bathe in an herbal milk tea. 

Our Tea baths are the perfect bath essential. They come in a brown Muslim bag that you can throw in the tub, with lots of herbal ingredients that will make your skin smooth, relax your mind, and heal from a hard day's work. 

Too Lazy to run a bath?

You can also hang the Goddes Green Tea Milk Bath on your shower head and let the aroma of the herbs fill the air, from the shower stream.


Tea bath comes in a glass 4oz mason jar with a brown Muslin reusable bag tied around its opening, to soak in the tub, or infuse in a shower. 


Sea Salt, Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Buds, Epsom Salt, Whole Grain Oats, Dry Soy Milk, Rasberry Leaf, Chamomile Flower, (your choice of oil)

How To Use:

Run a Warm bath over tea bag and let it steep until the bathtub has filled to your desire. 

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