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White Summer Breeze

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White Summer Breeze
White Summer Breeze
White Summer Breeze

Summer is the season where many people try to get out and explore new or familiar environments. 

White Summer Breeze is intentionally blended to keep you energetic and curious about everything around you. Its fruity aromatic fragrance will make you want to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, while its sweet flavor will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. 

Tea Blend:

White Tea
Raspberry Leaf
Orange Peels, Saffron
Hint of Hibiscus
Dried Rose Petals
Cool Summer Breeze Intentions


Comes in a resealable Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper filled with your ounce of choice.

Rectangular, chlorine-free eco-friendly, heat-sealed, thin paper bag 

How To Steep Hot or Iced:

Place 1 Tsp or desired amount of loose leaf tea in a tea infuser and place in a cup
If Bagged, place one bag into a cup 
Boil 8 oz. of water
Pour water over infuser in the cup or into a cup with the bag
Steep for 3-5 mins, or to desired strength
(Optional) Add sweetener to desired taste, honey, stevia, agave
Drink/Serve ( hot or over ice)

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