Chakra Pillar Candle

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Maybe you have heard a few people talking about their Chakras and you were confused about what exactly that is, and now here’s a soy wax candle that is hand poured and made for prayer and meditation purposes for balancing Chakras. One question you keep asking your self is the following:


What are Chakras?

Now you no longer have to worry because the following is a simple definition of what Chakras are and a brief description on why this candle is a Chakra Candle.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word and translated into English as “wheels of light.”

This light energy known as chakra is an electromagnetic feild that surrounds our physical body, which gives us our individual light. The feild connects to our body and awakens others to our presence by signaling a possible mood or feeling to inform another person whether we are welcoming or do not want to be bothered. 

A person can connect to their electromagnetic feild to balance their Chakras thorough meditation and/or yoga practices.

Our Chakra Pillared Candles are made perfectly for that due to it’s vibrant color that represents each chakra and decorative stance to place on an alter or table to awaken oneself or others to the balance of their light energy and focus. 

These candles are a conversation piece that will get anyone talking about the colors, their feelings, or awaken their sense of being in the present moment.