What To Do When You Can't Heal

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What To Do On Days You Can’t Heal

Self-care and self-love are coined terms that have become quite popular over the years.

In fact, they have become so popular that people are monopolizing and making a profit by adding the term to their products.

I’m not here to speak ill of either term since I am one of those people who have flipped the phrase into a business.

Hence, Healing Intentions Natural (which you should definitely check out).

I am a strong advocate of practicing self-care and self-love. It is safe for me to say, sometimes I need a break from caring for myself.


This break can be dangerous, and if you have a therapist, I suggest you ask them first.

When I say I need a break from myself, it doesn’t mean I allow myself to fall into the arms of someone else’s care. As a married woman, this is usually not the time you drop everything and let your husband pick up the slack because he will drive you insane.

 When I was a single woman, I did not run into the arms of a lover because I am in my most negative state.

We forget after all the healing we might have been doing before getting tired of healing, everything that is about to be released in this negative phase is all the negative energy and vibes you’ve been working on and fixing.

We can’t avoid this process; instead, it is best to embrace it. Since we’ve already been working on the kinks to make ourselves better people in whatever life we are healing, it gets easier to navigate through the darkness and find your way back to healed light and start your self-care again.

What do I do?

Do whatever you want, just don’t jump off a building
If all of your healing has led you to want to hurt yourself, please call someone for help
I am begging you!

If your healing leads you to cry, do it!

Say you are not in your best mood, and you were healing your drinking problem, do not drink.

This is a time for you to take a step back, breathe, and reflect.

You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s self-care,” and you are right.

But keep in mind you don’t want to lose sight of what you’ve healed.

It is best to replace that drink with something else you enjoy drinking, whether it’s a fresh juice you made yourself or tea as I did for Dry January.

Another scenario would be the following,

You are having a fantastic time, life is incredible; there are no complaints, and then something happens that knocks you off your positive vibe magic carpet, and you start to spiral down the rabbit hole.

I apologize for being so dramatic, but this scenario is why I am writing this post.

Continuing on!

You want to revert back to your old self because what’s the point of healing if you can’t stay happy forever, right?

In this case, allow your emotions to run wild, take that long drive; carefully.

Sing, scream, say no, burn a candle, or start a garden as we did for our teas.

Lit candle in Tea Garden

This is the time when you recognize how much you need to allow yourself to be free.

If you don’t give yourself this freedom, it can be detrimental.

Just kidding!

However, it can cause other problems to occur, such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety if your healing has been focused on breaking away from it. The best thing you can do when you are tired of healing is to rest.

When you become tired of healing, think of it like anything else you might practice or use too much, it either breaks or becomes boring.

As the saying goes:

Nothing Lasts Forever

Let’s Recap:

  • Let your emotions run wild
  • Rest
  • Eat or drink your favorite healthy comfort food
  • Embrace your negative space

What are some things to do when you don’t feel like healing?

Those are just a few I do when I don’t want to heal, while it may not be good, it helps me view life from a different perspective and tweak my healing practice to be more content.

If you have certain things you do when you aren’t in the mood of healing, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you are against my acceptance for not healing, I would love to chat!


Post was originally published at teawithkrystle.com on February 11, 2020

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