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Chakra’s are energy wheels that take in, disperse, and release energy into the human’s physical, spiritual, and mental realm. There is seven primary chakra’s human use every day. Each chakra represents a quality of a psychological, physical, and spiritual responsibility of our health and well-being located near the position of chakra's. To learn more about what chakras are, check our post ( How to Cleanse Your Chakras for a Healing Journey).


The Root Chakra Functions:

Stability, structure, possession, new beginnings, sexual power, and many other characteristics and changes are associated with the root chakra.


The Root Chakra is the first of the main seven chakra’s and it is located at the perineal gland ( between anus and genitals). It holds earthly stability and maintains a solid ground in your life. When the root chakra is cleansed and charged a person is able to express themselves creatively, achieve goals, and stay consistent.

A Root Chakra in harmony deeply connects you to the earth and life it nurtures whether it is an animal or a human. A person working with a positively charged root chakra would notice that their life is stable, have feelings of satisfaction, and inner strength. They will also be guided by creativity and it will be easy for them to accomplish their goals.

On the other hand, a person with a disharmonious root chakra would indulge in possessiveness and have security issues. It is hard for a person with an unbalanced root chakra to give and take freely. They will experience physical health issues such as constipation and possibly being overweight. In the social realm, a person with a blocked chakra will be irritated with others easily and primarily focus on satisfying their own needs and ignore the needs of others. The earth is a place to be dominated and exploited under the control of trying to protect the survival of mankind, often relating to the lack of natural resources and the earth’s current imbalance.

Symptoms of a Closed Root Chakra

If a person believes their root chakra may be closed they will experience signs of weakness in different areas of their lives, anxiety, and feelings of uncertainty. The person might feel as if they are up in the air and cannot find their footing, physically or metaphorically.

Since the Root Chakra works hand-in-hand with the other remaining chakras it can cause blockage in the other seven chakras. Causing a person to suffer from anorexia ( sacral and solar plexus chakra), holistic development and problems with connecting to society and earthly life.


Cleansing the Root Chakra

There are many ways to cleanse the root chakra. Since the chakra is predominately focused on grounding and helping you reconnect with your creative side to stay in harmony with the earth,  Healing Intentions Natural has provided the necessary tools to help you bring your root chakra back into harmony with a few tools such as candles and tea.


Candles are a good way to practice Color therapy, and when they are scented with natural oils it helps you reconnect with yourself because it may trigger a happy moment, an idea, or action to help you get over a blockage happening within.

Since the root chakra is located within our ethereal body it can be blocked by ingesting the wrong foods for your body and mind. There is no need to fret, Healing Intentions Natural has curated some teas caffeinated and herbal to help you reconnect to your root chakra eternally. The teas are not only made for chakra’s they contain organic herbs that hold lots of promising properties that will also help with other ailments you might be experiencing.

Shop our Chakra Series today to rebalance, reconnect, and recharge your chakra’s.


Reference: The Chakra Handbook

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