Staying Focused on Your Dreams While Working a Full-time Job

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Working a full-time job while still focusing on your dreams can be difficult. But if you are genuinely passionate about following your calling, nothing will stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

Another day, another dollar. 

I wake up at 6:30 am to get ready for work. I shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, put on my clothes and a pair of shoes, grab my backpack, and leave my house by 7 am to make it work by 8 am. 

Before I walk into work, I take a deep breath and tell myself, “this isn’t permanent. That it’s only for a constant paycheck, and my dreams of being a #1 NY Times best selling author is within reach. Working at a grocery store is only temporary. “

God, I hope it is.

As I stand in front of the cash register, sliding each product across the scanner, all I can think about is writing. All I think about is Aurora, the main character in my sci-fi fantasy novel. 

“What is my total? Miss? Miss?” The customer snaps me back into reality.

“I’m sorry it is $39.35,” I reply and hand the customer her receipt. 

 The thought of getting off of work and heading home to write is all the drive I need to know that writing is what I was put on this earth to do. 

Slow days at the grocery, I grab a blank piece of receipt paper and begin to jot down some ideas during downtime, instead of collecting baskets. I stop writing in between customers. 

As soon as I know it, it is time to head home, and I couldn’t get out fast enough. 

I wave goodbye to my co-workers and head home. 

I get onto the bus, tap my card, and take a seat. I begin to think about my grandma and her dreams of being an actress. She graduated from college, found the love of her life, married, had a fantastic job, and had two beautiful children. Yes, she lived an incredible life and still does, but at times she does wish she would’ve gone after her dreams of being an actress. 

She always reminds me to go after my dreams no matter how tough it may seem, it is possible. Both her and my mother pushed me to write every day, and that support only drives me. They remind me that this job is only temporary; there is more to come. 

Yes, this job gives you a paycheck, but your dreams will provide you with a life to live. 

I smile to myself. Glad that I have a fantastic support system. When I start to feel depressed and lose hope in my self, I think about my mother and grandma and how supportive they have been and everything they have done for me to make my dreams a reality. 

My stop comes, and I get off the bus. Walk 15 minutes to my apartment building.

I type the code into the code box, which opens the front door. Pull out my house keys and enter my home. My small fluffy white dog, Cupcake, greets me at the door. I pat her head, drop my backpack, take off my shoes, and head straight to my room to write.

I open my laptop and write.

I’m not only writing for myself, but I’m also writing for my family. 

I write for my friends who believe in me and can’t wait to purchase and read my book once it’s complete.

I write for those who have a dream, to show them that it is possible. 


I finish writing a chapter or two. Close my laptop and hop into bed. Ready to do it all over again, I’m just another day closer to my dreams.

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