Mesmerized and Relaxed, In a Poppy Flower Feild

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California has had a super bloom after a decade, thanks to its heavy rainfall during the winter.

While flowers have sprouted all over SoCal, little do many people know the state flower also known as California Poppy blossoms every year, even during the devastating droughts in the past.

With that being said, blogger Shylovetea and I took a 1.5-hr drive to a not-so-popular Poppy Flower Feild Reserve, in Antelope Valley, and got to experience one of the most vibrant flower fields close to home (Los Angeles). 

As soon as we spotted the fields, we were mesmerized by the overflowing beauty of the orange plains that hinted at yellow, purple, and blue patches due to various wildflowers that also grew in the area. We also came across a Joshua Tree field and go to some photos with those which gave us all the Coachella Vibes.

Once we stepped out into the field for photos, we immediately felt at ease and calm just being in their presence. 

A Little Known Fact:

Orange Poppy, is the California state flower, scientifically known as Eschscholzia California, it is known to have relaxant properties. The flora is a member of the Papaveraceae family, and their colors can range from yellow to deep orange, depending on how much sunlight they endure. 

Many people are quite familiar with the Poppy flora and believe they are opium plants, but the California Poppy is only the cousin to the prominent Opium Poppy.

California Poppy does not hold any opium properties herbalist suggests you serve it to children to help them with sleep issues or temper problems.

Western herbalist keeps the flora in their stash to help with anxiety issues and stress. The flower is used in many ways such as the following;

Herbal Tea, Tincture, Cosmetic pollen, hair tonic, and many other forms. 

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Seeing this mesmerizing array of yellow to bright orange flowers is something you do not want to miss. Keep in mind, pollen is high in this area, so if you have allergies, please take precautions, you will react.


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