Lessons From A Little Tea Book: All Essentials From Leaf to Cup (Review)

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  A Little Tea Book: All The Essentials from Leaf to Cup, is exactly what the title implies, the authors Sebastian Beckwith and Caroline Paul are tea enthusiasts. One specializes in finding and providing the best quality tea to consumers from different tea farms around the world (Beckwith), while the other focuses on the origins of tea and it's cultural and political history (Paul). With illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton.


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 The Review:


  The 129-page book covers all topics relating to tea from the tea plant to labels. There is also a glossary in the back of the book as well as an index and recommended reading list for reference purposes. 


  There are many photos and illustrations throughout the book that helps a reader dive deeper into the content, giving off a visual lesson of the sections covered in the book. 


  I bought this book because I love tea, and I have a tea company, and I wanted to learn more about ”the most consumed beverage in the world, after water.”


  As an avid drinker, and self-learner of tea from personal exploration, I must say this book has added more information to my knowledge. For instance, I didn't know English Breakfast was a tea referred to any caffeinated tea you would drink in the morning with sweetener or milk.


A Little Tea Book All Essentials From Leaf to Cup Book Review


My Thoughts:


  I’ve noted many facts of information from A Little Tea Book: All The Essentials From Leaf to Cup, that I will be referencing from and quoting, to help teach my customers and followers tips and facts about tea. 


” If you are unsure how to start, remember that tea flavors fall into basic categories of fruits, floral, marine, mineral, sweet, spice, wood, and earth, among others.”



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