How to Cleanse Your Chakras For a Healing Journey

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" Through the chakras we can send out healing vibrations as well as conscious or subconscious messages that influence people, situations, and even matter, both in a positive and in a negative sense." - The Chakra Handbook
There are seven main chakras many people work with every day. They are known as the following in the ascending order: Root( red), Sacral (orange), Solar Plexus (yellow), Heart (Green), Throat ( Blue), Third-eye (Indigo), and Crown (Violet or White).  
If you are already familiar with what Chakra's are, you can simply skip down to the cleansing suggestions.

Cleansing Chakras

What Are Chakras?

In English, chakra  translates in Sanskrit to "wheel," or "wheels of light."

They resemble the shape of blossom and are also referred to as “lotus blossoms,” in the East. Chakra’s are located along the central vertical axis at the front of the body, in the ethereal body; natural protection of energy that envelops the physical body from external illnesses.

 Energy flows into and through the chakras from its petals of the blossoms called nadis. The chakra petals range from four at the root chakra, to almost 1000 at the crown chakra. This energy flow keeps chakras in constant rotation (hence, the “wheel” translation),  of energy flowing in and out of them depending on the direction of the rotation.


Here’s where it gets tricky.

 Chakra’s rotate clockwise (right/male/positive-energy/yang) or counterclockwise (left/female/negative-energy/yin), depending on the gender of the person to complement each other's energies.

 In addition, the rotation of chakras varies from each chakra depending on the persons’ identifying gender, as shown below:

Chakra Rotations- Healing Intentions


Now you may be wondering, if energy is constantly flowing in and out why would I need to rebalance and recharge them?

To answer your question Intention Admirer, chakras become out-of-balance, and uncharged from energy clogs, (kind of like our colon), due to life circumstances ranging from the foods you eat, all the way to television shows you enjoy. 

Healing, rebalancing, and recharging your chakras are just as important as everyday exercise and getting your daily vitamin intake. 

If a chakra gets out-of-balance and loses their charge from time to time, it can result in many health issues whether they are physical or mental. 

The following is a guide to help you begin your healing journey by rebalancing and recharging your Chakra's:


How to Cleanse Your Chakras For a Healing Journey

Chakras begin to lose their charge and balance when we experience fear, feelings of being lost, and emptiness. 

To overcome these feelings through our chakra's we can do two things; 

1) Exposing the chakras to relative energy vibrations of a harmonious frequency.

2) Complete Relaxation

Most people choose the latter because they believe that is the easiest thing to do, but they fail to understand to reach complete relaxation, the chakras must be completely cleansed. Which takes us back to the first way of eliminating out-of-balance energies and uncharged chakras.

To practice exposing chakras to relative energy vibrations one must practice one of the following or all six to cleanse. 

  • Experience Nature- Get a breath of fresh air, drink herbal tea, eat fruits and veggies
  • Sound Therapy- Attend a Sound Healing, Turn off the television take out your headphones and listen to your surrounding environment 
  • Aroma Therapy- Massage ethereal essential oils onto your chakras in the right direction, inhale the aroma of the essential oils, burn scented candles
  • Color Therapy - Match the chakra colors to light and let it radiate into your chakras for 5-15 minutes, or purchase candles  with the chakra color and do a color meditation
  • Gemstone Therapy- Use gemstones or crystals for each chakra and meditate with them, or let the color of the gemstone radiate into the chakra
  • Physical Therapy- Practice breathing and yoga pose that allows blood and oxygen to flow to and through the chakras. Allowing the chakra to rebalance, recharge, and heal.


The six cleansing suggestions are a foundation for Chakra cleansing. When practicing one of the cleanses, a person must understand that each chakra goes through a cycle of releasing energy that may trigger subconscious issues that need to be addressed and released to be removed. 

When triggers occur during a chakra cleanse it is best to resolve the issue and let it work its way out instead of blocking the situation due to focusing on the goal, instead of the process. When trying to shift your chakras into a well-balanced, harmonious state you have to overcome your fears no matter how big, or small they might be. 

Enjoy chakra cleansing Intention Admirer

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The Chakra Handbook, Shalila Sharamon, and Bodo J. Baginski

The Chakra Bible, Patricia Mercier

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