Functions of the Sacral Chakra

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 "To choose not to let go of the past, or be unwilling to work on healing, we are consciously choosing to deny ourselves of the pleasures of life." ~Marie Holden~
Sacral Chakra Symbol- Healing Intentions Natural Blog


The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra of out of the seven chakras most people work with. It is located right above the genitals and its connected to the sacrum (butt). It opens to the front, to find out which direction it rotates check out our post How to Cleanse your Chakras For Chakra Healing.

Creative energy derives from the sacral chakra it influences reproduction of humanity and creative designs for survival. Its color is a bright orange and possess a water element, to cleanse and purify our organs; similar to a decontaminating properties of the kidneys and bladder. 

Experiencing a Harmonious and Disharmonious Sacral Chakra

When your sacral chakra is in harmony you experience life in a natural flow of feelings and living. One becomes eager to participate in the dance with creation when two people come together to share a harmonious sacral chakra.  

Under other conditions, when the sacral chakra is disharmonious uncertainty begins, starting in puberty. Which may lead to rejecting sexuality altogether. When identifying off-balance in the sacral chakra it is best for a person to check their sexual lifestyle.

Asking questions such as, the following will help one determine whether or not their sacral chakra is out of balance. 

1) Do you use sex as a drug?

2) Do you live in a constant yearning for a fulfilling sexual relationship? ( Never feeling satisfied)

Balancing and Recharging the Sacral Chakra with Healing Intentions Natural

Healing Intentions Natural offers candles and teas for balancing and recharging the sacral chakra through meditations. 

Grateful Candle for Sacral Chakra- Healing Intentions Natural Candle
Candles are a good way to practice Color therapy, and when they are scented with natural oils it helps you reconnect with yourself because it may trigger a happy moment, an idea or action to help you get over a blockage happening within.

Since the sacral chakra is located within our ethereal body it can be blocked by ingesting the wrong foods for your body and mind.

Lucky you, you do not need to worry, Healing Intentions Natural has curated some teas caffeinated and herbal to help you reconnect to your sacral chakra eternally. The teas are not only made for chakra’s they contain organic herbs that hold lots of promising properties that will also help with other ailments you might be experiencing.

Our tea Calendula Joy was blended to help heal the internal organs located near the sacral chakra such as the following:


Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juice, and sperm. 

Shop our Chakra Series today to rebalance, reconnect, and recharge your chakra’s.

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