Balancing and Cleansing the Solar Plexus

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The third chakra known as Solar Plexus Chakra is located above your navel near the diaphragm and right above the second chakra Sacral. The chakra consists of a vibrant yellow color that can get as bright as gold, its element is fire and is also known as Manipura.
Golden Hour
 The Solar Plexus is an energy source of free-will, transformation, and self-esteem. In the physical form, the solar plexus connects to the digestive system.
The energy of this Chakra is from the sun and this is where contact with people and materials takes place. Solar energy helps the chakras vitalize and maintain our physical body.

Functioning Solar Plexus

If a person is able to trust themself and confident to accept others as they are their solar plexus is functioning properly.
The third chakra is your inner fire. Fueling you to trust your gut feeling with confidence. When it is in harmony a person is filled with light and protected from negative vibrations. 
 Abundance is your birthright. 

Nonfunctioning Solar Plexus

 While everything is pleasant when your Solar Plexus is balanced and cleansed, understanding its off-balance characteristics can help you refocus and rebalance the third chakra as well as the remaining six.
An off-balance Solar Plexus makes you want to manipulate others and anything that is not in accordance with your desires.
It is also hard to let go of things.
You find yourself searching for inner peace and you may suffer from anxiety making it hard to relax.
Emotions are blocked, and it can be hard to express your needs and desires/feelings. Try a fire meditation with our Joy Candle and allow your blocks and negative energies to dance and burn in the flame, as you let go. 
Lucky for you there are practices you can indulge in to help you cleanse your Solar Plexus Chakra. Our post, "How To Cleanse Your Chakra For a Healing Journey," goes into more depth to help you rebalance all seven of your chakras.

A Few Ways to Rebalance and Recharge the Solar Plexus Chakra

Try color therapy ( it's free), surround yourself with gold and yellow. This will help you mentally connect with your Solar Plexus.
Eat fruits and vegetables that are yellow. It helps you rebalance your internal organs and the third chakra. 
Get outside, natural vitamin D from the sun is your friend.
Solar Plexus Sun Meditation
For people who live in conditions where there is little sun, Vitamin D supplements are your friend as well as meat
This doesn't mean you should overindulge in meat. Since consuming too much meat can cause other health issues you may be trying to avoid.  
Maintaining a balanced Solar Plexus is vital. It connects you to your most authentic self; fuels your physical body while supplying your other chakras with energy.
Happy Balancing.

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